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AnnReflectionatMarket AnnKChou1-Peacock Lantern  - made with broken umbrella  and pop bottle AnnKChou3 -Shadow-movement dance with lit banner painted by me

Bio as Artist

Ann K Chou (she/her) is a multi-talent light-oriented visual installation artist, who is mostly fond of spontaneous brush works, in both Chinese calligraphy ink and acrylics. Ann has come from a relative quiet intersectionality -- deaf first-generation immigrant from Hong Kong. Her life-long art media are lanterns in possession and wearable puppet in parades. And she is attending a disability screendance residency at the mome.

She comes to believe that things are to be broken and then reform.

She likes to be guided by the "materials', with understanding of their limitations, but want to push their limits, beyond its "intended use". This speaks to my living experience as a person with disabilities. Her material includes papers, and goes beyond papers: such as found materials and objects in gardens and recycling bins, translucent fabric, clear plastics, mesh, bamboos and grape vines.

Workshops and Commissions